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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at the corner of Georgia and Bronough streets, 3 blocks north of the old round Holiday Inn on Tennessee Street and 2 blocks south of the Governor’s Mansion downtown. We are behind Doug's Vacuum Center.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30pm. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and most major holidays.

Will I get an estimate before my set is repaired?

We always give a repair estimate before any work is done on items not covered by a warranty. We do sometimes have to get a set working before we know what all of the problems are, but you are not obligated to pay for this work unless the estimate is approved.

Do you charge for an estimate?

We do charge a diagnostic fee based on what kind of product you have, which is payable in advance. This fee is non-refundable, but is applied towards the total repair cost if you approve your estimate. This fee covers the technical time invested in diagnosing your item. In cases when the estimate is declined and the item is left at our shop, it also covers the disposal of the item. See the service & support page for details on diagnostic fees.

Is it worthwhile to even have my item repaired?

In most cases, it is less expensive to repair your item than it is to replace it. This particularly is true of newer or more expensive items. The only cases in which an item is not worth repairing is in cases where you have a flat panel television and the display panel is cracked or damaged. In those cases it is always cheaper to replace the set, but keep in mind, this is limited to flat panel televisions only. Feel free to call us if you have further questions about this subject.

Are your technicians certified?

Yes. Our technicians are required to maintain factory certification in order to repair the products that we provide warranty and out of warranty service for. This insures that we have the knowledge to efficiently repair your product and gives our customers peace of mind that they are dealing with qualified professional techs and not amateurs.

Are your techs paid by commission?

No. We pay our technicians a regular salary. We have found that this improves the quality of the work done by our technicians so that they are not pressured into writing estimates and can therefore concentrate on repairing your item correctly.

You have taken my information for a service call, what's next?

Our service tech makes his schedules weekly and by the area he will be covering that day. The tech will call you 24 to 48 hours in advance to set the day and time of the appointment with you before coming out.

Generally our service calls are planned for 5 to 8 business days from the time the call is taken. This time frame fluctuates depending on the volume of calls that we have at any given time. If you do not hear from the technician within a week of calling for the service, we encourage customers to place a follow up call.

How long will my repair take?

Repair turn-around times fluctuate with the item that you have, how busy we are at the time, and the availability of parts for your unit. Service call repairs average about 5 to 8 business days if parts have to be ordered, less if the parts needed are on-hand. Carry in repairs average about 5 to 8 business days unless parts are not readily available.

Audio equipment repairs average about 12 business days, sometimes longer if service information or parts have to be located. Keep in mind that not all problems are easily solved. Most symptoms are somewhat common and can be diagnosed fairly quickly, but sometimes we run across very challenging issues that are more time consuming to accurately diagnose.

When we give an estimate, we want to make certain that the diagnosis and estimate are correct and not just a guess.

Will my set have to come in to the shop?

The only sets that we require to be brought in for service are 40" and smaller tube sets, 42" and smaller flat panel sets, and all audio equipment. The only other times we need to have a set in the shop for service is if it requires a major repair (tube or display panel replacement), or if the set has a particularly difficult problem to diagnose (like intermittent symptoms).

Why are my parts taking so long to come in?

We order the bulk of our replacement parts directly from the manufacturer, with other parts coming from OEM authorized distributors. Most current products usually have parts in stock either at the manufacturer or the distributor, but sometimes when the item is very new, or if there is a part in high demand there will be parts shortages that we have no control over. On occasion we have to special order some parts because they are just not readily available. Whenever parts are not in stock for your repair, we will inform you before ordering them so that you know some wait will be involved. We encourage our customers to call us for parts order updates.

My set is mounted on or in a wall, is that a problem?

Not unless it is in an unusual place. Units mounted over fireplaces that require a ladder to get to, or are mounted in some type of custom built cabinet must be in a serviceable position for us to repair. We do not remove these items due to employee safety and company liability concerns.

Do you service my area?

Our service call area includes all of Leon County. We also cover most of Havana, Midway, and Crawfordville. If you are not in one of the areas mentioned here, your item will have to be brought in or shipped to us for service. In some cases we can service other areas if it is an item you are not able to bring in, depending on what brand and age of item you have. If you feel this applies to your situation, please call and ask to speak to our road technician, Jim.

Will I get updates on the status of my repair?

We do generally try to keep our customers updated on their repairs. However, due to high inbound and outbound call volume, we cannot keep everyone updated on repair statuses as often as we like.

We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE our customers to feel free to call or stop by as often as they like to check on the status of their repair. Also, you can send us an email as our email server is monitored during business hours and this is sometimes quicker than a phone call, especially if the line is busy.

Do you sell parts?

The only parts that we currently sell or stock are replacement lamps for DLP and LCD projection tv’s and projectors, replacement remote controls, item accessories, and turntable needles and cartridges. We do not sell parts that are considered non-consumer replaceable, like circuit boards and individual components.

Do you sell any televisions or audio equipment?

Yes, but nothing new. We do from time to time have items that were repaired and abandoned or were refurbished that we sell and display in our storefront. These items will be covered by our standard shop warranty of 90 days. What items we do get for sale are listed on our sale items page which is updated every two weeks. We encourage our customers to check this page regularly to keep updated on the items we get for sale.

To view items we currently have for sale, visit the Sale Items page.

The only day I can come in is on a Saturday, but you are closed. What do I do?

If you need to bring an item in or drop an item off on a Saturday, please call the Friday before and we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. We warranty our repair work and replacement parts for 90 days.

Do you do any installation or hook up work?

Generally, no. The only cases where we will perform any hook ups or installs is if we had to remove your item for service, in which case we will re-connect the item as it was when it was removed.

What brands are you authorized to service?

The brands we are currently authorized to repair are shown on the home page. Our current brand authorizations are Emerson, Funai, Fujitsu, Haier, LG, Magnavox, Mitsubishi, Orion, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sylvania, Sansui & Toshiba. Currently, RCA has chosen to eliminate all local warranty repair centers and have moved their warranty repair service to either a ship in system or a national dispatch system utilizing individual technicians.

What is the difference between board level and component level repair?

Board level repair is when a board assembly must be replaced to complete a repair. Units that are designed to be repaired at the board level are made so that we have to change out a board to repair the item because the individual components are not available. This usually varies depending on who made the unit and what kind of parts are needed for the repair. For the most part, flat panel televisions and some rear projection sets are board level repair. Board level repairs are generally more expensive, but they are also the fastest way to repair some units. The majority of our on site service is done at the board level to expedite the repair and keep costs down where possible.

Component level repair is when the individual parts on the board must be replaced to complete a repair. Units that are designed to be repaired at this level are made so that the board assemblies are not available and the individual defective components on the board must be replaced. Most older televisions and nearly all audio equipment is designed to be repaired at this level. This type of repair is generally less expensive, but also the most time consuming as it involves much more troubleshooting to find the problem. The majority of our carry in items are repaired to this level except for units that were made to be repaired at the board level.

Do you still work on audio equipment?

After 6/26/2012, we will only be accepting audio equipment in on a very limited basis. Our audio technician, Ron, has left the business, leaving our staff manned by video equipment techs. We will now be restricting audio repairs to high end and limited commercial audio. If you have a question about a specific item, please call and ask for Jim before bringing any audio equipment in for repairs. 

Do you work on items under an extended warranty and for what store?

We have contracts with several different extended warranty companies. This is a list of local stores and their extended warranties that we currently have contracts with. The name of the store is followed by the name of the company that owns the service contract (your part).

Best Buy - (NEW Corp.)

Badcock & More - (Bankers Warranty Group)

HHGregg - (NEW Corp.) (Store now closed)

Sams Club - (NEW Corp.)

Walmart - (NEW Corp.)

Costco and Target have their own warranty plans that are handled by these stores' corporate offices. We do not currently have agreements with either one, but do work on a case by case basis for them. If you have an extended warranty through either one of these retailers, contact their customer service departments for more information.

REX Stores chain has been dissolved, but some of their extended warranties are still in effect. We are currently authorized to repair items under their own Extended Service Plan. If you have one of these plans, contact the REX Corporate office at (937) 276-3931 to arrange for service on your product.

A few manufacturers like Samsung and Panasonic, have their own extended warranties and we are authorized to repair items under their contracts.

Does your service call fee apply towards the cost of my repair?

Yes. We charge a $90 service call fee for all service calls in Leon county. This fee is collected on our first visit and is deducted from the total repair cost if you approve the estimate.

My LCD screen is cracked. Can you repair that?

NO! Unfortunately, when that happens, most manufacturers will not even cover that under warranty. The whole panel assembly must be replaced with an original manufacturer model panel.


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